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Family Games Treasurehouse Newsletter - July 2012
July 16, 2012

Welcome to the July 2012 issue of our Family Games Treasurehouse newsletter. We want to especially welcome all our new subscribers.

The summer Olympics are just around the corner. Many schools, youth groups and other organisations celebrate the Olympics by running their own mini-Olympics to promote fitness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of our suggestions for your own version of the Olympic Games. They require very little equipment and can even be played at family reunions, Sunday School picnics or office parties. Most of them can be played indoors or outdoors, so you have not excuse not to participate. Enjoy!


Slow Race - competitors race as slowly as possible (but must always be moving forwards)

Shot putt - competitors must throw a tennis ball from their shoulder without swinging their arm outwards

Long Jump - competitors try to jump as far as possible from a standing start

Obstacle course - competitors must complete a course where they run, jump, climb and clamber over a set of obstacles such as under chairs, over logs, under a blanket, zigzag around a series of flower pots, and so on

High Jump - competitors must step or jump over a broom stick which is held by two adults and moved higher each round

Statues Marathon - players on both teams must remain absolutely still for three minutes. Any player who moves is out. The team with the most players left after three minutes wins.

Relay races - Try some of these variations to the standard sprint relays.

  • Competitors must complete the course by running backwards
  • Ankle relay (where competitors must run while holding their ankles)
  • Teams must do forward rolls/somersaults
  • Crawling on hands and knees
  • Three legged relay (with two members of the team tied together at their ankles by a stocking or similar soft material)
  • Skipping relays (with or without a skipping rope)
  • Dribbling a soccer ball
  • Wheelbarrow relay (where one player grasps the ankles of another player who must "run" the course on their hands while their feet are supported in the air)
  • Sack relay (where players must jump the course while their legs are in a sack held up to their waist. NOTE: Take care with plastic sacks since they may be very slippery)
  • Piggy Back Relay (One player must carry another player from their team on their back while they run)
  • Leap Frog Relay (Two players leapfrog over each other along the course)
  • Sedan Chairs (where two players link their arms to carry a third member of their team)
  • Balloon Sweep (Teams use a broom to push a balloon)
  • Balloon Burst (Competitors must blow up and burst a balloon before they can run the course - just watch out for fainting!)
  • Egg and Spoon relay (competitors use a teaspoon to carry a hard boiled egg along the course and must pass the egg to the next competitor without touching it. For more fun, you could use raw eggs if you don't mind cleaning up the mess!)

For more ideas, try our Outdoor Party Games and Family Outdoor Games pages.

If you have your own suggestions for more games and activities to celebrate the Olympics, why not add them to our Share YOUR Party Game or Share YOUR Outdoor Game pages? That way you can let everyone know your favourite ways of promoting fitness for your family or group.

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Until next time,
Andrew Low
Family Games Treasurehouse

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