Accordion is one of the hardest one-player card games to win. It is very rare to achieve the aim of the game, which makes it even sweeter when you are victorious.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of Players: One player

Equipment: One deck of standard cards

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To move all the cards into one pile.

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1. Remove the jokers and shuffle the deck.

2. Start laying the cards face up from left to right in one line.

3. Any card which is the same suit or rank as the card immediately to its left or third on its left can be placed on top of that card. For example, if the first four cards were:

6♣     K♣     2     2♣

the 2♣ could be placed on top of the 2 (since it is the same rank) or the 6♣ (since it is the same suit) but not on the King since, although it is the same suit, it is the second card on the left. Alternatively, the King could be placed on the 6♣ since it is the same suit.

4. One move may open up further moves. In the example above, moving the 2♣ onto the 6♣ means the King can then be placed on top of the 2♣.

5. Any pile can be completely moved onto another card or pile if its top card can be moved by the rules. You should always try to minimise the total number of piles if there is a choice of moves.

6. The aim of Accordion is to move all the cards into one pile, although this is extremely unlikely!

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