Aces in the Pot

Aces in the Pot is a simple dice game for all the family to enjoy, using two dice and some counters.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 2 or more

Equipment: Two dice, and two counters per player (counters may be different colours or all one colour; you could use matches, buttons, coins etc.)

Time: 10 minutes+

Aim: To win the pot (all the counters) three times.

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1. Each player takes two counters, then throws one die (the plural of die is dice). The highest number goes first (Player One), then play moves clockwise around the table.

2. Player One throws both dice. If you throw an Ace (a 'One'), you must put one counter in the middle of the table (which is called the 'pot'). If you throw two Aces, put two counters in the pot. If you throw a six, pass one counter to the player on your left. If you throw two sixes, give the player on your left two counters. Other throws do not count. If you lose all your counters, you are out for the rest of the round unless another player throws a six and gives you one of their counters, when you may resume playing. Player Two then throws both dice and so on around the table.

3. Only players with at least one counter can continue, until only one player is left. That player must throw both dice three times. If there are no sixes in those three throws (Try saying that quickly ten times!), the player wins the pot and the game. If the player has only one counter and throws a six, the counter and dice are passed to the player on their left, who then throws both dice three times, and so on until finally one player wins the pot. If the player has more than one counter, only one counter and the dice are passed to the player on their left. Both players continue to play (according to the rules in step 2) until only one player is left again. Repeat step 3.

4. Round two commences by re-distributing the counters (two per player). Player Two starts this round.

5. The overall winner of Aces in the Pot is the first player to win the pot three times.

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