Blind Man's Treasure Hunt

Blind Man's Treasure Hunt is a blindfold game in which players try to identify objects by touch. This is an excellent game to play when you want to give out presents at a party.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: Any number

Equipment: A present for each player wrapped up (make sure they are of different shapes and sizes)

Time: Approximately 10 - 15 minutes

Aim: To identify the object in a parcel without opening it.

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1. Preparation: Wrap up objects which have different shapes and sizes. You will need one present for each player. Then put all the presents into a pile on a table.

2. One at a time, each player is blindfolded, then led to the table to choose his present. Once he has a parcel, he takes off the blindfold and waits for all the other players to choose their parcels.

3. When each player has his parcel the players then guess what is in their parcel before opening it.

Easter variation: Wrap up objects that are the symbols of Easter. For example; a cross, an Easter egg, three silver coins, perfume, fluffy bunny, etc. After the parcels are unwrapped, ask each child if they can tell you what each symbol means. See Resurrection Egg Hunt for a great Easter hunt that gives more information about the symbols of Easter.

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