Blindfolded Tag

by Mikayla
(Iowa City, IA)

This game should be played outside in an area free of any dangerous obstacles.Age:5-8 No of players:6 or more Equipment: a blindfold Time:30+minutes Aim: To catch and identify another player.

Pick one player to go first. Blindfold him or her and if they are old enough, spin them around three times to disorient them and they don't know where they are.

Then they have to try and catch the other players. They should do this by holding their arms out in front of them and the other players have to run around trying to avoid them.

When someone gets caught, the blindfolded player has to guess who it is by touching their clothing. If they guess correctly, that player gets blindfolded and the game continues. If they guess incorrectly, they have to stay blindfolded for another round. Also, if they agree, you can spin them again at this point.

The game can go on until everyone has had a turn to be blindfolded.

Here are a few tips about blindfolding players
1. Before you start, make sure everyone is okay with being blindfolded.
2. Whenever you blindfold someone, make sure they can't see anything.
3. If anyone playing has glasses, they should have them taken when they get to be blindfolded. They can get them back when they are finished with their turn.

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