Card and Bucket Contest

Card and Bucket Contest is a target game where the players try to flick as many cards as they can into the bucket.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: 3 to 8

Equipment: a bucket; an old deck of cards (two decks if more than 4 players); paper; pencil

Time: 5 minutes per round

Aim: To get the most cards in the bucket

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1. Give each player ten old playing cards. Write down which cards they have. (It may be easier if each player has a different suit - hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs. If there are more than four players, they could have cards with different coloured backs and different suits. For example, one player may have red-backed hearts while another player has blue-backed hearts.)

2. The players stand in a circle with the bucket in the middle so that each player is about 2.5 metres (8 feet) away from the bucket. On the command "Go", each player tries to flick their cards into the bucket. When all the players have finished flicking, remove the cards from the bucket and identify whom they belonged to.

3. The winner is the player who has the most cards land in the bucket.

4. Play the game again!

Easter Variation - Egg and Basket Contest: Use mini Easter eggs instead of cards and an open basket instead of a bucket. Contestants will need to stand a bit further away as well.

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