Christmas Carol Game

Bring some laughter to your next Christmas party with an amusing Christmas carol game. There are three hilarious games for you to choose from. For more games with Christmas carols, try Christmas Songs Trivia, Christmas Carol Lyrics Game and Christmas Song Game.

Age: All ages

No. of Players: small or large group (players divided into two teams)

Equipment: Game 1: Two chalkboards and chalk (or large sheets of paper, marker pens, easels), duster; Game 3: piano (keyboard or other instrument), music for Christmas carols, a musician

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To be the first team to win.

Christmas Carol Game #1
One player from each team is given the name of a Christmas carol. The player returns to their team and must draw a picture (without speaking or writing any letters or words) for their other team members to name the carol. The first team to name and sing the first verse of the carol wins. Each team player has a turn drawing a carol.

Christmas Carol Game #2
Each team must try to tag the opposite team. Any tagged players are out, but a player is safe while they are singing a Christmas carol. Players cannot sing the same verse of a carol more than once. The last player left wins for their team.

Christmas Carol Game #3
This game is one of the few musical games for groups and requires a piano player (or other instrumentalist) with sheet music for a number of Christmas carols. One player from each team is chosen to compete. The first note of a carol is played and both contestants can try to guess the song, with the player who raises their hand first having the first guess. If that player is right, they score 15 points for their team. If they are wrong the other player can try to guess the carol (and score 15 points) or they can get one more note for the song (score 10 points) before the first player can join in again. If both players pass, the first two notes of the carol are played. This continues until one player correctly identifies the song. If no one guesses by the sixth note, the game is a draw, and neither team scores any points. Further contestants are chosen for each team with a new carol, and the game continues until everyone has had a turn.

    1 note = 15 points
    2 notes = 10 points
    3 notes = 8 points
    4 notes = 6 points
    5 notes = 4 points
    6 notes = 2 points

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