Christmas Secret

Christmas Secret is one of the trickiest Christmas games for groups. Enjoy it at your next Christmas party. Some players never work out the trick.

Age: All ages

No. of Players: large group

Equipment: chairs for each player to sit on, a wrapped Christmas box

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To try and guess the secret.

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1. Players arrange their chairs in a circle.

2. The leader holds a wrapped Christmas box and says, "This Christmas I'm getting..." and completes the sentence, before throwing the parcel to someone else.

3. This player must also say, "This Christmas I'm getting..." and complete the sentence. However, there is a secret to what they can receive as a gift. If they guess the secret and name an appropriate gift they remain seated. Otherwise they must stand up.

4. The parcel is then thrown to any other player who must also name an appropriate gift.

5. This continues until most players have worked out the secret.

6. A player who is standing can sit down if they name an appropriate gift. Some players never work out the trick. Players should not reveal the secret at any time until the game is over.

What is the secret? The gift is based on the players initials. For example, Catherine Thomas might receive a new set of Car Tyres (or Camomile Teabags, or Computer Tuition), while Ron Schultz might get some new Running Shoes.

You may need to tell another player the Christmas Secret either before or during the game so that the other players can get more of a hint.

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