Cover Your Ears

Cover Your Ears is a favourite game played by both children and adults in Korea.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups

Equipment: None

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To continue the movements and remain in the game the longest.

1. To play the game Cover Your Ears, all players sit in a circle.

2. One player is chosen as the leader and begins the game.

3. The leader places both hands over his ears. The player to his left places his right hand over his right ear. The player to his right places his left hand over his left ear.

4. The leader then removes both hands and points to another player in the circle. The new leader puts both hands over both his ears. Again the player to his left quickly puts his right hand over his right ear and the player to his right puts his left hand over his left ear. The action must remain fast.

5. The new leader points to another player who keeps the game continuing.

6. Any player is makes a mistake or is too slow is out of the game.

7. The winners are the three players who stay in the game the longest.

Source: Adapted from "Games Around the World" UNICEF New York

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