Dodge Ball

Dodge Ball is an active outdoor ball game for three or more players. It needs an open area so that nothing is damaged if the players become rather energetic during the game.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: 3 or more

Equipment: A large, soft ball (about the size of a soccer ball; a volleyball is ideal, although you could use a tennis ball, or similar, if you don't have a bigger ball)

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To avoid being hit by the ball.

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Dodge Ball is a very physical game that suits older children and adults. Good co-ordination and throwing skills are an advantage but anyone can play. Play this game in an area which doesn't matter if the ball is thrown fairly hard.

1. If you have lots of players, the throwers can form a circle with one or two target players in the middle of the circle. If you have only a few players, it may be easier if you have a line of throwers and a wall behind the target player.

2. The throwers must throw the ball at the target players' legs, below their knees. The target players must dodge the ball without touching it with their hands so that the ball does not hit their legs.

3. If the ball misses the target players, any of the throwers can catch or retrieve the ball and throw it again immediately (in fact, the game is much more fun if the ball is thrown as quickly as possible).

4. If the ball hits a target player's legs, the thrower swaps places and becomes the new target player.

Variation: For very large groups (20 or more), use two or more balls and 4 or 5 target players to make the game even faster.

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