Egg and Spoon Race

Egg and Spoon Race is a terrific team game for all kinds of parties. It's a great game for playing outdoors and is fun for all ages.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Enough players for at least 2 teams

Equipment: One teaspoon per player; one hard-boiled egg per team

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To be the first team to win the race.

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1. Preparation: You'll need a big open space for this game, either indoors or outdoors. Mark a start line and a finish line.

2. Divide players into two teams. Place half of each team in a line at one end of the room and the other half in a line at the other end of the room. Give each player a teaspoon.

3. Place a hard-boiled egg on the teaspoon of each team's leader. On the word, "Go", the leaders race with the egg on their spoon to the other end of the course and transfer the egg from their spoon to the next player's spoon WITHOUT TOUCHING THE EGG WITH THEIR HANDS AT ANY TIME. That player then runs (or walks quickly) to the other end of the room with the egg on their spoon and transfers the egg to the next player. The game continues until all players in each team have had a turn.

4. If the egg drops then the player picks it up (with their hand) and goes back to the beginning of the line and starts again.

5. The winner of Egg and Spoon Race is the first team to finish and get back to their original starting positions

Variation 1: Use an uncooked egg if you're playing outdoors and don't mind the mess!

Easter Variation: Use Easter eggs instead of hard-boiled eggs. You could paint and decorate hard-boiled eggs or you could use wrapped chocolate Easter eggs.

Thanksgiving Variation: Use a pile of corn on the spoon. There should be enough corn on each spoon that it is neither too easy nor too hard to carry.

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