Elves Gnomes and Giants

Elves Gnomes and Giants (also known as Eggs, Bunnies and Baskets or Elves, Reindeer and Santas) is a rowdy outdoor games for teams. It is based on the game Scissors, Paper, Rock but with a lot more players, noise and fun.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups (12 or more)

Equipment: None

Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Aim: To win two rounds in a row.

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1. Divide players into two teams. Select one player to be the umpire. Teams form at either end of a large playing area, or a large, cleared room.

2. Teams can either choose to be elves (similar to scissors - two fingers making the shape of a "V"); gnomes (similar to paper - their hand is open flat); or giants (similar to stone - they clench their hand into a fist). The whole team has twenty seconds to choose what they will be (elves, gnomes or giants) and the relevant hand gesture. Note that they can choose a different character each round, or they may choose to stay as that character for two or more rounds.

3. At the beginning of each round, the umpire calls out "Go!" and each team rushes towards the other team yelling out their identity, and holding their hands in the gesture chosen by the whole team. In this game, elves always beat gnomes, giants beat the elves and gnomes beat the giants. It is also possible to tie if both teams choose the same character.

4. The winning team stays in the middle, while the losing team goes back to their side of the playing area. Both teams then secretly decide what they will be for the next round. If it was a tie because both teams chose the same thing, then they both stay in the middle and have to secretly decide what they will be next without the other team finding out. They may have to use secret nods and gestures.

5. To win the game, a team must win two rounds in a row.

Easter Variation: Eggs, Bunnies and Baskets - Instead of elves, gnomes and giants, use eggs, bunnies and baskets to make the game suitable for an Easter party. Eggs will have clenched fists (like an egg), bunnies will have V shapes (like rabbit ears), and the baskets will have a flat hands (like the bottom of a basket).

Christmas Variation: Elves, Reindeer and Santa - Use elves, reindeer and Santas to make the game suitable for a Christmas party. Elves will have flat hands (like the gnomes in the main game), reindeer will have V shapes (like their antlers) and Santas will have clenched fists (like a fat stomach!).

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