Family Trampoline Review

This family trampoline review gives our family's experience in choosing
the best type of trampoline for families.

Photo of Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline

Our family loves to play indoor games but we also love outdoor games and activities. We were really fortunate to be able to borrow a large trampoline from some friends a few years ago and they have not asked for it back (yet). It's one of the older style rectangular ones without the safety nets around but our children have so much fun on it. I built some timber climbing frames and other outdoor equipment as well, but it is always the trampoline that they run to first.

One of our sons is quite athletic and loves gymnastics. He taught himself to do front flips, somersaults and all sorts of scary-looking (for his mother) tricks. Our other children are more content to bounce and jump and just generally have heaps of fun.

Over the years we have had the mat restitched occasionally but the basic trampoline was so solidly built that it has lasted over fifteen years with no problems. During the times when the mat needed to being fixed, our children begged us to hurry up so they could play on it again.

Girl jumping on trampolineA good trampoline will be heavy. A number of our friends have bought cheap trampolines that just weren't sturdy enough to last more than a few years at most. Many of them were the round style with enclosures that are light to transport and fairly quick to put up but they proved to be poor value in the long term. They would often last only a few months before the enclosure net would tear or the supporting poles would buckle. Unfortunately, this really is a case of "you get what you pay for". Light, inexpensive trampolines just don't last the distance. Make sure you read a good family trampoline review before you hand over your hard earned cash.

We originally bought some pads to cover the springs but they only lasted a short time before they tore. We did not bother to replace them because the trampoline itself is big enough that they can safely jump in the middle without bouncing too close to the edges and springs, even when doing double-backflip-inverted-somersaults-with-a-triple-twist (or whatever it is that our son does to terrify his mother).

We have never particularly liked the enclosures around many trampolines because children tend to run and bounce off them rather than treat them as the safety item they are designed for. We have always taught our own children to behave with safety in mind around a trampoline (I'm sure they can repeat the rule "Only one person at a time on the trampoline" in their sleep because we have repeated it so often) which is better for their development since they need to take responsibility for their own actions. That said, we are always mindful of the need for good supervision at all times and are cautious about letting other children play on it, especially without their parents direct permission.

So now that you've read our Family Trampoline Review, what do you look for if you are wanting to purchase a quality trampoline? I suggest you look for a trampoline that is as large as can fit in your back yard, one that is solidly built and heavy. Pads and enclosure nets are optional but should never be seen as a substitute for competent supervision and training. Make sure it has a solid foundation to rest on, and ask a few mates to help you assemble it so it doesn't become too much of a task.

Check out Amazon for some suitable trampolines, including the Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline although they also have other trampolines of various sizes, both with and without enclosures.

Photo of Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline
Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline
Photo of Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline
Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline and Enclosure Set

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