Flying Fish

Flying Fish is an entertaining team relay game also known as 'Kippers' in other countries. In this game, teams must race each other while fanning their fish across the room.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups (6 or more)

Equipment: A paper 'fish' for each player; a newspaper or magazine for each player; a dinner plate for each team

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To fan the fish across the room.

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1. Preparation: Cut out enough 'fish' for every player from heavy paper. Make them approximately 10 - 12 inches/25 - 30 cm long.

Flying Fish drawing

2. Put players in two teams (or more if a large group). Teams line up at one end of the room behind the leader. Give each team a newspaper or magazine. At the other end of the room place a plate on the floor for each team.

3. On the word "Go" the first player in each team puts his fish on the ground and begins fanning it across the room until he gets it onto the plate. When he is finished he runs back to his team and passes on the newspaper to the next player who puts his fish on the ground and starts fanning it towards the plate. The game continues in this way until all players in the team have had their turn.

4. The winner is the first team to finish.

Easter Variations - Flying Eggs: Change the paper shape to a large Easter egg.

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