Guggenheim is a flexible parlor game that can be played by couples, families or large groups. It is ideal for family reunions, Valentines Day or any other get together.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: 2 or more

Equipment: Paper and pen/pencil for each player

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: To be the first to achieve twenty points by listing unusual names for each category

1. A keyword of four or five different letters is chosen. For example, the word "CUPID" could be chosen if the game was played on Valentines Day. Each letter of the keyword is written across the top of the page, one letter per column.

2. About four to eight categories are written down the left side of the page. Some examples of suitable categories are: Flowers, Countries, Boys Names, Colours, Type of Car, Famous Person, Food, Pet, Surname, Girls Name, and so on.

3. On a given signal, each player tries to fill in the columns to match the categories with the keyword letters.

Girls NameCharlotteUrsulaPamelaIreneDenise
Note: There are no common plants that start with "U"

4. After three minutes (or any other agreed time), players compare their answers.

5. Any valid answers common to other players score one point each, while any unique answers score two points. For example, "Purple" is likely to score one point per player, but "Umber" (brown earth) and "Damask" (deep red) are likely to score two points since it is unlikely that another player would have those words.

6. Choose a different keyword for the next round and repeat steps 2 to 5 with the same categories, or choose new categories for each round.

7. The first player to gain twenty points wins Guggenheim.


Variation 1: Keywords can have two or more of the same letter. The categories under each letter must have different words. For example, the category of Colours for the keyword BABY may include any two of blue, brown and black.

Special Occasions: Choose keywords suitable for special holidays such as Christmas (angel, Mary, or Christ), Easter (tomb, risen, or cross), Thanksgiving (thanks, feast or pray), or Valentines Day (love, heart, or candy) when you play Guggenheim.

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