Juluhya has been a favourite game of Australian aboriginal children. Traditionally, small round stones were rolled down long sheets of bark from local trees. The children would have competitions to see whose stone would appear first. The word 'Juluhya' is an aboriginal word which means 'to go down'. Here is a variation which everyone can play.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 2 to 8

Equipment: two lengths of flexible tubing approximately 7 metres (21 feet) in length and 15 cm (6 inches) wide (an old vacuum cleaner hose works well); marbles or small balls (ping pong or golf ball size); containers to catch the balls (ice cream containers will do)

Time: 5-10 minutes per round

Aim: To push the balls through the tube and into the container.

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1. Players form into two teams.

2. Each team has a piece of tubing and a number of small balls or marbles. Place a container at each end of the tube. One container will hold the balls which will be rolled down the tube and the other container will catch the marbles as they roll out of the tube.

3. The team members line up with their tube. One player holds the back end and is responsible for rolling the balls into the tube. Another player needs to be at the front to direct the balls into the container. The remaining members hold the tube at different intervals to help roll the balls along.

4. On the word 'Go' the team member at the beginning of the tube starts placing the balls into the end of the tube one after the other.

5. The team works together to move the marbles through the tube and finally into the container.

6. The winner is the team that gets all their marbles into the bucket first. If any marbles fall onto the ground then they must be taken back to the start of the tube and rolled again.

Juluhya Variations
1. If you don't have two equal tubes, you could use a stop watch and time the efforts. Try again to beat your time.
2. Relay Race. Use one ball only for each team. The last team member rolls the ball through the tube. When it falls into the bucket the first player picks it up and runs to the end of the tube. The player then rolls it through the tube. All the players move up in their positions. Continue playing until all team members have picked up the ball and rolled it though the tube.

Source: Adapted from "Yulunga Traditional Indigenous Games" by the Australian Sports Commission www.ausport.gov.au

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