Keean was a traditional Aboriginal game requiring good throwing skills. A large bone had to be thrown over a net into a hole in the ground. It required skill and accuracy. In this revised game a tennis ball is placed in a stocking to represent the bone.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 1 or more

Equipment: A 'bone' (tennis ball in a stocking) per child; 1 or 2 hoops (a bucket or bin would also be okay)

Time: 5-10 minutes

Aim: To throw the 'bone' into the hoop.

1. Mark out an area of play. Make a line for children to stand behind and place a hoop (or two, if playing in teams) about 3 to 5 metres (3 to 5 yards) away on the ground.

2. Children stand behind the marked line and take turns throwing the 'bone' (ball) into the hoop. They must hold the 'bone' by the tail part (the stocking). The further down they hold the tail the more challenging the game is.

3. The children can play this game just for fun or they can keep score if playing in teams. Every time the 'bone' is thrown into the hoop the player scores one point.

Source: Adapted from "Yulunga Traditional Indigenous Games" by the Australian Sports Commission

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