Kids Card Games

Picture of children playing card games

Kids love to play games!
Kids card games are so inexpensive
yet can provide hours of entertainment
and quality family time.

Kids card games are not only thoroughly enjoyable, they are also a great way of building a child's life skills. Communication skills, math skills, thinking skills and social skills are an integral part of most games, while children think they are just having fun!

Some games are simple enough for even young children, while other games are a little harder and require deeper thinking and logic skills. There are also games that suit adults and older children that can be played by younger children with supervision and help.

Card Games for Kids

From the simplicity of "Snap" to the more complex strategies of "Up the Creek Without a Paddle", there are card games for kids of all ages.

A standard deck of cards can be used for hundreds of games. Most games are played without jokers and only one deck, but other games can include jokers and have two or more decks in one game.

Most games are suitable for two players, and there are many that can suit up to eight or more players.

There are also games for one player, although these may be a little hard for very young children.

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Card Game Instructions

Click on the highlighted game of your choice below to view the full card game instructions on how to play the game.

Simple Card Games that are suitable for younger children, with very few strategy or thinking skills needed to win the game.

    Snap - a simple kids card game where children only need to be able to recognise numbers
    Go Fish - (also known as Fish) is a game where children collect sets of four cards of the same type
    My Ship Sails - Children only need to recognise the four suits to win this game
    Old Maid - a slightly harder game where children make matching pairs

Advanced Card Games are good for older children who can think and plan. Some games may also be suitable for younger children with help and supervision.

    Rummy - The winner is the first player to put down all their cards by making runs or sets. For 2 to 6 players
    Gin Rummy - a slightly harder version of Rummy for two players
    Crazy Eights - similar to the commercial game Uno™ except it uses a standard deck of cards
    Euchre - Euchre was the national game of the USA in the early 1900's and is normally for four players in two partnerships,
    Five Hundred - based on Euchre, this is a three player game with variations for 2 to 4 players
    Up the Creek Without a Paddle - An alternative to Euchre and Five Hundred invented about thirty years ago
    Hearts - Many computer users are familiar with this game, whose aim is to avoid winning any points. For 3 to 7 players
    Black Bess, Black Maria and Black Lady - three variations of Hearts

We hope you enjoy playing these kids card games. On this website you will find hundreds of other free games for you and your family to play together. Won't you stay awhile and have a look around?

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