Mamba is a popular game played by children in African countries. Although the game is named after a large, poisonous snake found in South Africa, this game is not poisonous but you will form a snake.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups (10+)

Equipment: None

Time: 5-10 minutes per round

Aim: To be the last player caught by the snake.

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1. Mark out an area for play and set boundaries. Everyone must stay within the boundaries or they are out for the remainder of that round.

2. Choose one player to be the mamba (snake).

3. The snake runs around the marked area trying to catch others. When a player is caught he becomes part of the snake's body by joining onto its tail. He joins the snake by holding onto the shoulders or waist of the player in front of him.

4. Only the first player (the snake's head) can catch other people. However, its body (the other players joined to him) can help by not allowing players to get past. Players are not allowed to pass through the snake's body.

5. The game continues until all the players have been caught. The winner is the last player left and becomes the head of the new snake.

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