Printers Errors

Printers Errors is a challenging game where players have to unjumble the lines of a printed article that have been accidentally damaged in the printing press and put them in the correct order.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: Large groups (6 or more)

Equipment: One copy of the article for each player; sheets of paper; glue

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To be the first player to put the article into its correct order.

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1. Preparation: You will need a jumbled article for every player. The article can be from a newspaper or magazine, or you could write an article to suit a special occasion (family reunion, birthday, Easter, Christmas, etc). Articles should be at least eight lines long for younger children and up to twenty lines or so for adults. Make as many copies as you need for each player and then cut each one into pieces by cutting it after every line. Put each article into separate envelopes.

2. Give each player their own jumbled article along with a sheet of blank paper and some glue. On the word "Go" each player tries to unjumble the article and put it in the right order, gluing it onto the blank paper.

3. The first player to put their article into the correct order is the winner.

Easter Variation: Find an article from the encyclopaedia or the internet on Easter or use the Easter story from the Bible.

Christmas Variation: Use the Christmas story from the Bible or find an article about Christmas from the internet or an encyclopaedia, newspaper or magazine.

Family Games Ebooks

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