Stick Dice

Stick Dice is a popular game played by children in North America. It was originally played by the Pomo tribe of California.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 2 or 2 teams

Equipment: 6 popsicle (icy pole) sticks to be used as 'dice'; 12 toothpicks to be used as counting sticks

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To collect all 12 counting sticks.

1. Before the game is played, decorate one side of each popsicle stick using brightly coloured marker pens. The other side of each stick is left blank. Put the toothpicks in a small pile.

2. The first player tosses the stick 'dice'. If they had six painted or unpainted sides face up or three of each, they collect the number of toothpicks from the pile as shown in the table below.

Decorated side upPlain side upPoints
Any other combination0

3. The 'dice' are passed to the next player, and so on around the table. Players collect counting sticks from the pile until they are all used up. Then they can start taking them from each other.

4. The winner is the first player to earn all 12 counting sticks.

Source: Adapted from

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