Tunnel Ball

Tunnel Ball is an exciting indoor team passing game where the players race the other teams to see who can get their balloon through the tunnel first. A large ball like a beach ball or soccer ball could be used instead of a balloon.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups

Equipment: One balloon for each team

Time: 5+ minutes

Aim: To be the first team to tunnel the ball through its players.

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1. Divide players into teams with equal numbers of players. Each team stands behind its leader with their legs apart to form a tunnel. Make sure there is enough room between each player to be able to bend and reach forward.

2. Give each leader a balloon. On the command, "Go!" the leader passes the balloon back between his legs. The next player then catches the balloon and passes it between her legs to the next player and so on.

3. The balloon continues to pass through the players until it reaches the final player in the team. The last player then runs with the balloon to the beginning of the line and passes the balloon back down the line in a similar way. Play continues until each player has had a turn at the beginning of the line.

4. The winner is the first team to have its leader return to the beginning of its line again.

Variation 1: - Use a soccer ball or basket ball instead of a balloon when you play the game outdoors.

Variation 2: - Use a soccer ball or basket ball and roll the ball through the tunnel of legs instead of passing it from player to player.

Easter Variation - Tunnel the Egg: Use a large Easter egg instead of a balloon for each team.

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