Valentines Day Party Games

Are you planning a party for Valentines Day? Then be sure to have
lots of Valentines Day party games prepared.

You'll find plenty of games on our website just perfect for a party.

Below, we've highlighted a few of our favourite games which can be adapted to fit into a Valentines Day theme.

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Valentines Day Games

Click on the highlighted game of your choice below and you will be taken to a page with full instructions on how to make and play the game.

Valentines Day Game Ideas

Valentines Day Treasurehunt - here is a great game for friends and family

Chinese Whispers - This game is perfect for Valentines Day if you keep the messages all about 'love'!

Dumb Crambo - is a very funny miming game which can be easily adapted for Valentines Day

Balloon Relay - this is an especially fun game for children. Keep to the Valentines Day theme by using only red and white balloons

Pass the Orange - this active game requires two teams but will create much frivolity and fun

The Game - is very similar to Charades and is perfect for Valentines Day especially if you try to to choose books and movies which have love stories

Likes and Dislikes - is a fantastic 'getting-to-know-you' game. You'll learn a lot more about your friends after you've played this game

Yes No Beans - is a fun party game which will have your friends coming up with all sorts of questions

The Poetry Game - is a top game to play with a small party. This is an excellent game for adapting to a Valentines Day theme and you will have everyone roaring with laughter

Sardines - a very cosy hide-and-seek game especially enjoyed by children. You could rename it "The Love Nest" for Valentines Day

Pyramids - is a good game to be played in teams. Encourage players to choose words which have a Valentines theme (for example "LOVERS")

I Love My Love - is definitely an adults only (but family friendly) game very suitable for Valentines Day dinner parties. Enjoy!

I Packed My Bag - is an enjoyable memory game. It is simple and fun to play, especially for children

Taboo - have fun playing this interesting game. It is more difficult to play successfully than it sounds

Winking - teenagers enjoy playing this game together

Telegrams - try adapting this game by using the term 'ValentinesDay'. See if the message can keep to the theme too.

We hope you have heaps of fun with these Valentines Day party games with your friends and family.

Come back often for games for every occasion.

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