Whirl Around

Whirl Around is a favourite game played by children in Syria. You are likely to get a little dizzy playing this game!

Age: 5+

No. of players: Large groups

Equipment: a small, rubber ball for each player

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To catch the ball.

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CAUTION: Players may become dizzy and disoriented during this game. Make sure there is nothing in the play area that could cause an injury if a player stumbles or falls over.

This game requires good hand to eye co-ordination as well as an excellent sense of balance if you want to win. It can be played for a set time (for example, one minute) or you can simply keep count of how many times a player catches the ball before they drop it. After the players have time to recover they can try to improve on their previous score.

1. To play the game each player bounces his ball on the ground and then spins around once before catching it. (Hint: It really helps to spin in the opposite direction after each bounce so that you don't spin in the same direction and get too giddy.)

2. You score a point each time the ball is caught.

3. Players can take turns playing or they can all play at the same time if there are enough balls.

4. The winner is the player with the most catches in a row.

Source: Adapted from "Games Around the World" UNICEF New York

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