Wrong! is a game requiring good listening skills. The aim of the game is to spot the deliberate mistakes in the story as it is read out to the whole group.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 2 or more

Equipment: A prepared short story appropriate to the age group

Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Aim: To win the most points.

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1. Preparation: Write a short story suitable to the group listening. You will include obvious mistakes that the players will understand for their age. An example is, 'she put the ice cream in the oven to freeze' or 'she put the cake in the refrigerator to cook'.

2. Ask the children to listen to the story and yell out "Wrong!" when they hear a mistake. The first player to yell out receives a point. If a player yells out "Wrong!" and there isn't a mistake then they lose a point.

3. The player with the most points at the end of the story is the winner.

Variations: This game could easily be adapted for Christmas and Easter by writing a story appropriate to the season. For example, in an Easter story, "Santa delivered the Easter eggs to the children" or for Christmas you could include, "The Easter bunny came down the chimney to deliver the Christmas toys."

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