by Shawn Fluhr
(United States)

The Spread

The Spread

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The rules are extensive and a still in the process of publishing.

Yurisuto is a pen and paper roleplaying game created by Yurisuo LLC, a game development company. Yurisuto strives for gameplay that is simple enough to for those new to RPG gaming to play comfortably, but with a flexible amount of additional optional complications for hardcore gamers.

Yurisuto implores its players and campaign managers to use their imaginations, in order to immerse themselves within its Sci-Fi/Fantasy universe. You as a player you take the role of but one citizen in this new world, determined to unravel the mysteries hidden within its universe.

This character that you have created may be melded into anything you choose from the games start. There are no limits imposed by the game on your artistic freedom. Be an engineer, serial killer, officer of the law if you wish. However, it must be noted that Yurisuto is a game created to develop a story. Only the most creative survive. Those who do not intertwine within the story tend to play poorly.

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