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Family Games Treasurehouse Newsletter - June 2012
June 04, 2012

Welcome to the June 2012 issue of our Family Games Treasurehouse newsletter. In particular, we would like to welcome all our new subscribers.

Summer is here, with its wonderful opportunities to spend time outdoors with our families. In this issue of our newsletter we will look at a few outdoor games that are fun for the whole family, especially as you celebrate Father's Day. There are also some suggestions for indoor Fathers Day games, just in case the weather turns nasty.


Ball Trap is a fun ball game that can be played anywhere with nothing more than a small ball.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 4 or more

Equipment: A small, soft ball such as a tennis ball

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: To avoid being hit on the legs with the ball.

1. One player (the "Caller") starts with the ball while the other players move around.

2. The Caller calls out the name of another player and throws the ball to that player, who attempts to catch the ball. If the player misses the ball, the caller retrieves the ball and throws it to any player after calling their name.

3. When a player catches the ball, they call "Stop!" The remaining players must then stand still. They cannot move their feet but they can move the rest of their body.

4. The catcher gently throws the ball at any other player's legs between the ankles and the knees. If the ball touches their leg that player becomes the new Caller; otherwise the thrower becomes the new Caller.

The game continues until every player has had a turn as Caller, or as long as players want to play.


Our kids love playing Marco Polo any time they are swimming in a pool.

Age: Older children who are competent swimmers

No. of players: 4 or more

Equipment: A swimming pool

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: To avoid being tagged.

1. One player is chosen to be Marco Polo. She closes her eyes and counts to ten while the rest of the players move quietly away from her.

2. With her eyes still closed, Marco Polo walks or swims around the pool and attempts to tag any of the other players, who try to evade her. A player who is tagged becomes the new Marco Polo for the next round.

3. To help in locating other players, Marco Polo may call out "Marco" and the other players respond by saying, "Polo".

4. One player at a time is also allowed to leave the pool and re-enter the pool at another place. However, if Marco Polo calls out "Fish out of water" while a player is out of the pool they become the new Marco Polo.

NOTE: This game is ONLY suitable for competent swimmers in private pools. It should NOT be played if there are non-players are in the pool, or in public swimming pools, so that no one is annoyed by your game.


You may also like to celebrate Father's day with these fun indoor games for all the family. Try playing the word game Guggenheim using the word "Father", or two of our favourite parlor games, Fractionary and Table Story. We also love playing the dice game Pig and the card game Switch. Enjoy your time together!

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Until next time,
Andrew Low
Family Games Treasurehouse

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