"How To Give Your Children
The Best Party Of Their Lives"

There's nothing worse than going to a children's party where there doesn't seem to be anything organized. It doesn't take long before kids start running all over the place getting into as much mischief (or food!) as they possibly can while other young ones, all alone, sit in a corner sobbing their little eyes out, bleating the heart-wrenching cry, "I wanna go home!"

Before long, the complaining starts...

    "There's nothing to do!"

    "This party's boring!"

    "When are we gonna eat?"

    "Is it time to go home yet?"

And then you realize the parents won't be back to pick up their little trouble mak... Oh, I mean, little darlings for at least another 2 hours!

Cover of The Family Guide to Party Games ebookJaunuary 19, 2012

From: Andrew Low
Re: The Family Guide to Party Games

Dear Fellow Parent,

My name is Andrew Low and I've been to quite a few of those 'disorganized' parties. And, as a father of 7 children all under the age of 20 as well as a school teacher of twenty years, I know how quickly children can get bored.

I also know how to make your child's party the best,
most fun party they could ever wish for.

I've had to organize quite a few parties in my life, not only as a parent and as a school teacher but also as a Boy's Brigade captain and as a leader of quite a few Kid's Clubs, and I can tell you, the secret to a successful party is …

Awesome Party Games!!
and lots of them!

Does This Sound Familiar?

Maybe at your own child's last party, you were hoping the children would entertain themselves quietly and happily. But it didn't take long to realise that bedlam was just about to erupt!

You had 20 children running through your very tidy house, tracking dirt all over your recently vacuumed carpets, knocking over precious pot plants (or worse - the beautiful ceramic, hand-painted, three-tiered pot-plant pedestal that Aunty Kay gave you for your wedding), hiding in the bedrooms (including yours which you thought you had locked!), finding and painting themselves with the lip-stick and nail polish they found in the bedroom, yelling and screaming the whole time.

Did You Get A Little Frazzled?
Does This Sound Way Too Familiar?

I identify with the above scenario just as much as you do, I really do. How do you think I knew what to write if it didn't happen in my own home? (My wife now hides the above-mentioned pot-plant pedestal as soon as visiting children arrive.)

There have been many times when
I didn't plan well for a party
and chaos ruled the day!

However, not all my children's parties turned out that way. For most of them I had the greatest fun of my life (the kids enjoyed themselves, too!)

How Would You Like A Party For Your Child That ...

    is filled with lots of fun and laughter

    provides a safe and secure environment

    everyone will enjoy - even the shyest child

    will provide lots of wonderful memories for everyone - especially your child

    is suitable for their age

    is super easy to organize

    keeps your house in reasonably tidy order

    most importantly, shows your child, how much you love them!

Yes, a fun and enjoyable party needs good planning (my wife does a superb job planning the food), but if you've got an entertaining and lively variety of games planned then the time will fly very quickly and soon the parents will be knocking at your door waiting to collect their wonderful, extremely well-behaved children!

Instead of being bored, your child's friends will be telling everyone that they had the best time ever!

Want Proof?

Take A Look At What These
Delightful Children Have To Say ...

"We had lots of games and party food ..."
Image of my oldest daughter"We had lots of games and party food for my 10th birthday. It was so much fun with my friends. Even though it was raining we played lots of games inside".
Amy, age 10 (my eldest daughter)

"My party was really fun ..."
Image of my youngest daughter"My party was really fun. Dad organized lots of games and mum organized the food. It was so fun, we played so many fun games, even a rabbit and fox game."
Mandy, age 7 (my youngest daughter)

At Last, A Party Games Book That Has All The Games You Need Right At Your Fingertips

Cover of The Family Guide to Party Games ebook

"The Family Guide to
Party Games"

Will Give You Creative Ideas For ...

    kid's indoor party games (when the weather just isn't behaving itself)

    outdoor games

    children's birthday party games

    girl's party games

    boy's party games

    teenage party games

    adult birthday party games

    games to help children get to know each other

    quiet games

    active, boisterous games

    group party games

    small or large parties

So, What Kind Of Parties
Are These Games Suitable For?

All Types Of Parties!



    New Year



    End of Year

    Mothers Day

    Fathers Day


In Fact, Any Kind Of Celebration At All!

You'll find a very comprehensive index at the front of "The Family Guide to Party Games" which will show you at a glance everything you need to know about a particular game. In fact, why don't you take a look at the index right now.

Click Here For A Sample Page Of The Index

Click Here For A Sample Page Of One Of The Games

Here's Another Satisfied Child (Actually An Adult Now)...

"Great Games For Graduation!"
Image of my first son"I really appreciate the effort my parents put into making my Graduation a fun day for everyone. They organized heaps of games, not only for the adults and teens but also for the young children who came along as well. Thanks Dad and Mum, You Rock!"
Ben, age 20 (#1 son)

And One More ...

"A Fantastic Job!"
Image of my second son"Dad and Mum did a fantastic job organizing and running the games at my 18th birthday celebration. Everyone loved them and immensely enjoyed the evening. The trivia competition, which was interspersed throughout the night kept everyone on their toes with some very close rivalry between the guys and the girls."
George, age 18 (#2 son)

Have A Look At These Terrific Features...

    Nearly 100 pages of games, printables and extra tips

    One whole page per game

    Clear, easy-to-understand instructions

    Age range listed for each game

    Number of players listed

    List of equipment needed

    Time it takes to play each game

    Print or copy the games that you need

    Instant access - Available for your party today!

And Much, Much More!

Sample page from The Family Guide to Party Games ebook
Click Here For A Sample Page Of One Of The Games

Let Me Share A Little Secret With You...

Did you know that you don't have to use this book for parties only?

There are heaps of games in this book that can be played with as few as two people? That means you could use this book just for your own family.

You Could Have A ...

    family games night once a week (or every night if you want)

    get-together with your next-door neighbours and play fun games

    special time of playing games with the grandparents and cousins when you have your yearly reunion

What The Rest Of Our Children Have To Say...

"Family Games Nights Are Great!"
Image of my third son"Family Games Nights are great because the whole family gets involved and we have heaps of fun together."
Jayden, age 16 (son #3)

"Playing Family Games Together"
Image of my fourth son"Playing family games together is a great ways to build family relationships. We have been having Family Games Nights for as long as I can remember and they are tons of fun with lots of noise and laughter.
Luke, age 14 (son #4)

"Games Night Is Often Really Fun"
Image of my fifth son"Games Night is often really fun. I probably like the dice game, Pig, the best. I really appreciate how mum and dad keep trying to do it each week.
Josiah, age 12 (son #5)

I Guess You'd Like To Know How Much This Is Going To Cost?

Well, like you, my wife and I are ordinary parents who don't have much money to go spending on every great idea that we come across, so we'd like to make this e-book as affordable as possible for you. And we also have a particular goal in mind...

We love families. In fact, we're passionate about them. And we want to do everything we can to promote happy, healthy, loving families. If this book helps you become closer as a family then we'll be more than happy!

Excellent Value!

Only $14.97


So, what are you waiting for? With Christmas just around the corner now is the time to get those games organized!

Hang On A Minute!

I'd Like To Give You Some Extra Free Bonuses

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Bonus #1

Cover of the Choosing the Best Games for Your Child's Party ebookOur first special bonus is a Special Report ...

"Choosing the Best Games
for your Child's Party"

This report outlines a number of issues you should consider when choosing your party games. Understanding these issues will go a long way to ensuring your child has a very successful party.

Bonus #2

Cover of the Party Theme Ideas for Kids ebookOur second bonus is a compilation of favourite...

"Party Theme Ideas For Kids"
More Than 200 Ideas For Your Next Party

With over 200 ideas to choose from you'll enjoy browsing through this e-book and making great plans for your child's next party!

There You Have It My Friend

I am offering you our 96 page "The Family Guide to Party Games" e-book plus our two extra, totally free bonuses :

Bonus #1 "Choosing The Best Games For Your Child's Party"
Bonus #2 "Party Theme Ideas For Kids"

All for the very low Super Special Price of $14.97.

These are our special bonuses if you order "The Family Guide to Party Games" right away.

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Why Am I Making You This Terrific Offer?

Well, there are several reasons.

Firstly, these products that I am offering to you are all delivered to you as a digital download package. I don't have high printing costs and can therefore pass the savings directly on to you.

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Our Totally Risk Free Offer
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I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with our product. I will refund your money with absolutely no questions asked.

My company is built on integrity and strong moral values.
I want you to be totally happy with your purchase.

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It's a very simple process.

However, if you have any problems or questions at all then please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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Photo of our familyGo ahead and order right now.
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Andrew Low

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P.P.S. Families are the best. Give your children some wonderful memories of their childhood.

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