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Family Games Treasurehouse Newsletter - April 2012
March 30, 2012

Welcome to the April 2012 issue of our Family Games Treasurehouse newsletter. In particular, we would like to welcome all our new subscribers.

With Easter less than a week away, it's time to look at some Easter games for kids. All children love to play games at any time of the year, but our children have especially enjoyed our annual Easter egg hunts. We organised two hunts for them; an outdoor hunt where they all had to find as many small chocolate eggs as possible and an indoor hunt where they were given a series of clues to follow in order to find their large Easter egg. It has become a tradition in our household that I hope will extend to our grandchildren eventually.

On our website we are in the process of putting up a brand-new section of Easter games. There will be Easter egg hunts and many other Easter games for children, including numerous Easter printables and Easter colouring pages.

As a newsletter reader, you have the privilege of previewing an Easter egg game that has not even been added to our website yet. If you'd like to play the game and then send an email to tell us what you think about the game, your review could be included with the game on our site!


Win by a Nose is a fun Easter egg race for children (or adults!) to play at Easter. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Age: All ages

No. of players: 2 or more

Equipment: Hard boiled Easter eggs (see below)

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: To win the race using your nose.

You will need one hard-boiled egg for each competitor. The eggs should be allowed to cool and then decorated in colourful ways, using dyes or marker pens. Each player can decorate their own egg or you can use two eggs and have a series of races and a play-off between winners.

1. A start line and finish line are marked on the floor using chalk or tape. The lines should be about two metres/yards apart for young children or about 3 to 4 metres/yards apart for older children or adults.

2. The players and their eggs line up behind the start line. At a given signal the players attempt to be the first to push their eggs over the finish line by using only their noses.

3. Players who cheat by using their hands or other parts of their bodies, or who interfere with another player's egg must return to the start line.

4. The first player over the line wins a prize - a chocolate Easter egg, of course!

Variation: Win by a Nose could be played as a relay if you have a large group of players. Organise the players into two or more teams. The egg must cross the line before the next player can return the egg to the other end of the course. The winning team can share a bag of mini-eggs.


Here are some more games to play at Easter. You'll find the rules to these games on our website. Just click on the game and you'll be taken to the website page.

"The Family Guide to Party Games"

Cover of The Family Guide to Party Games ebook

"The Family Guide to Party Games" is a huge 96 page ebook containing seventy five games, many of which are exclusive to the ebook and are not available on our website. With "The Family Guide to Party Games", you will have a one-stop resource to organising any children's party, from the youngest child right through to teenagers and young adults. Now there is no excuse not to produce the best party ever!

Until next time,
Andrew Low
Family Games Treasurehouse

P.S. All of the ebooks are in pdf format. You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open these ebooks. Acrobat Reader is already installed on most computers. If not, you can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking here

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