Hidden Objects of Easter

Hidden Objects of Easter is a fun indoor game for a small group of people with reading and writing skills. This is a good game to play if you wish to teach your children about the symbols of Easter.

Age: Adults and older children who can read and write (around the age of 7 and older)

No. of players: 3 +

Equipment: Approximately 20 objects with an Easter theme; several rooms; a list of the objects for each player; a pen or pencil for each player

Time: 10 minutes+

Aim: To be the first person to find all the objects hidden around the house.

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Hidden Objects of Easter is a fun Easter game for kids that will need some preparation before you play.

1. Hide about 20 objects in different rooms throughout the house. (*See below for some ideas for objects.) Make sure it is possible to see the objects without having to move anything. The players should not see you hiding any of the objects.

2. Make a list of the objects (and their meaning) for each of the players.

3. Each player is given a list and tries to locate the objects, without touching or moving them. They must write down the room in which the object was found.

4. The winner is the first player to locate all of the objects and take his or her list to the organiser of the game. The prize? An Easter egg of course!!

*Some of the hidden objects of Easter on your list could include:

  • a cross (this could be a necklace with a cross on it or make up a little cross out of match sticks)
  • plush toy bunnies, chicks, birds
  • Easter eggs of different sizes and colours
  • a pot plant (representing the season of spring)
  • a white sheet (to represent the grave clothes of Jesus)
  • a new dress (representing being clothed in new life)
  • a stone (representing the stone being rolled from the tombstone)
  • a hot cross bun
  • a pretty basket
  • a palm branch (if you can find one)
  • a Bible (where the Easter story begins!)
  • a candle
  • an ordinary egg
  • a decorated hat or Easter bonnet
  • objects representing the colours of Easter: for example, purple is the colour of kings so your object may be a purple box or a purple flower; blue represents Jesus' mother so your object may be a blue flower; white represents purity and joy so your object may be a white handkerchief; yellow represents the sun and is connected with new life and rebirth so your object may be a yellow flower or even a picture of the sun.

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