Easter Egg Hunting Game

Easter Egg Hunting Game is the game that all children look forward to at Easter time. For weeks leading up to Easter your children are most probably anticipating the annual hunt for Easter eggs, if they are anything like our children. This version of the game is played indoors. Click on this Easter Egg Hunts link for other egg hunt games including outdoor Easter hunts.

Age: Children of all ages

No. of players: Large or small groups

Equipment: One plastic cup (or other container) per player; a large quantity of small Easter eggs; a timer

Time: Less than 5 minutes

Aim: To find all the hidden Easter eggs.

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1. Send all the players out of the room and hide the Easter eggs in various locations around the room. For example - on window sills, behind curtains, under lounge cushions, under floor mats, behind chair legs, etc.

2. Players come back into the room and are each given a cup in which to collect their eggs. On the word 'Go' each child finds as many eggs as they can in one minute.

3. The winner is the child who finds the most eggs.

Note: When our family plays Easter Egg Hunting Game, we allocate the number of eggs that a child is allowed to find. That way, the older children don't find all the eggs before the younger ones have a chance.

Variation One: Each player hunts for chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in a particular colour. For example, one child will hunt for all the eggs wrapped in red paper while another child will hunt for the all the eggs wrapped in blue paper and so on.

Variation Two: This game can easily be adapted for playing outdoors. Just hide the eggs outside in a certain area. Don't make the area too big. Let the children know the boundaries of the area before you begin.

Variation Three: Write the name of a child on a tag attached to the Easter eggs so that each child only finds the eggs with their names on them.

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