Christmas Carol Lyrics Game

Christmas Carol Lyrics Game is a fun and entertaining team game for your next Christmas party. For more games with Christmas carols, try Christmas Carol Game or Christmas Song Game and Christmas Songs Trivia.

Age: All ages

No. of Players: Teams of three to five players

Equipment: Old newspapers or magazines, sheet of paper, scissors, glue

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To be the first team to win.

1. Everyone is divided into teams of about three to five players. It does not matter if some teams have more players than other teams. Children should be under adult supervision.

2. Each team is given the name of a common Christmas carol or song. You can assign each team the same song or they can have different songs for each team, as long as each song has the same number of words.

3. Players search through the magazines or newspapers. They try to find and cut out the words for the song before pasting them onto the sheet of paper in order. It is also permitted to cut out individual letters to make up the words if you cannot find the full word.

4. The first team to complete the song wins Christmas Carol Lyrics Game.

HINT: It may be easier if one player in each team is given the responsibility of pasting the words in order while the other players search for words.

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