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Here are fantastic family reunion games for
a memorable family get-together.
Ice breakers, ball games, picnic games,
trivia games, active games, indoor and
outdoor games, printable games, relays,
scavenger hunts and many more exciting
games for a successful family reunion.

Family reunions are precious opportunities for renewing relationships and friendships, catching up on old times, reliving marvellous memories, creating brand new memories, and just being together again, enjoying one another's company.

You may be planning an annual family reunion with close siblings and cousins or a 'once-a-decade' reunion with relatives that you may, or may not know, all that well.

Your reunion may consist of an entire weekend event, held locally or away, or simply an afternoon or evening together.

Without a doubt, a family reunion can be a wonderful, happy memory-making event filled with fun, laughter, plenty of photos and great food. However, unfortunately there is the potential for it to be a disaster for everyone.

The key to a successful family reunion is definitely in the planning. In many instances the adults may know each other quite well and simply enjoy catching up, but what has been planned for the children? If the event is not well planned, the children (or even adults) may become so bored that they never want to attend another reunion again.

One very important consideration involves the activities you are planning. Have you planned enough activities to cater for everyone? Have you thought about including family reunion games?

Games provide the perfect medium for breaking down barriers and involving people who would normally be reticent in joining in a conversation. They create lots of laughter and fun for everyone, whether they choose to actively participate or simply watch the action. Games can be played indoors, outdoors, with equipment or without, and are perfect for when the weather doesn't co-operate.

If you want a reunion that is fondly remembered by everyone then make sure that you include plenty of fun games suitable for young and old alike.

Here at Family Games Treasurehouse we have an amazing selection of fun, free games for you to choose from. We have selected the following games specifically with family reunions in mind. We've put them into different categories to help you make the right selection depending on the ages and the number of people in your group.

We hope that you will enjoy playing these games at your next Family Reunion.

We would love to hear from you. Do you have a game that is a favourite at your family reunions? Please fill in the form below and share YOUR game with us.

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Just click on the name of the game of your choice below, and you will be taken to a page with full printable instructions for how the game is to be played.


Icebreaker Games

Get-to-know-you games - These family reunion games are fantastic for 'getting to know you'. After you've played some of these games everyone will be feeling far more relaxed with each other.


Outdoor Games

Ball games - These games are great for playing outdoors on a lovely grassy area.

Active Games - These family reunion games are especially designed for kids who love running around.

Beach Games - Are you planning a day at the beach with your relatives? Enjoy these fantastic beach games for family reunion fun.

Picnic Games - No picnic is complete without a handful of games for the children and adults


Team Games

Games for large groups - Here are some wonderful games to play when there are lots of people.

Relay games - Family Reunion relay games are always popular. Here are some outrageous ones.


Indoor Games

Indoor games - What do you do for your family reunion games when the weather is too hot/cold/windy/wet or you simply want some quieter games for the ... more mature members of the family? Try these indoor games for size.


More Party Games for Family Reunion

Party games - As if there were not enough games already, here are some more games to make your family reunion even more successful.


Family Reunion Activities

Activities - A list of fabulous activities to make your family reunion the best one yet!

    Outdoors Events
    Indoors Events
    History Book
    Family Tree
    Recipe Book
    Lots more ideas ...

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