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Enjoy exciting Valentines Day games
to play with your family,
friends and special loved ones.
Find an abundance of fun games
for two or more players
and groups.

Valentines Day is a wonderful day to celebrate. It's a special opportunity for couples and families to express their love and care for each other.

Spending valuable, quality time together as a family is the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones. We thrive on relationships and being together.

How Can You Celebrate Valentines Day?

To celebrate Valentines Day in your family you may like to go on a picnic together or have a special meal at home.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, make sure you set aside time to play some fun Valentines Day games. They may be old family favourites or some new ones with a Valentines Day theme running through them.

We've come up with quite a few Valentines Day game ideas completely free for you to play. You'll find lots of old favourites as well as games specifically tailored to Valentines Day.

Why not get together with some special friends for this special occasion? Celebrate together!

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Fun Games for Valentines Day

Click on the highlighted game of your choice below and you will be taken to a page with full instructions on how to make and play the game.

Valentines Day Party Games

Dumb Crambo - a fun miming game

Likes and Dislikes - a great pen and paper game for getting to know each other

Pass the Orange - you'll need your shoes off for this game

Winking - a fun game for teenage boys and girls to play

Balloon Relay - use red and white balloons for a valentine's theme

Telegrams - use the word 'Valetinesday' to kick this game off

Chinese Whispers - try coming up with some interesting 'love' messages for this game

The Game - keep to the 'valentines' theme for this one

Valentines Day Treasurehunt - great for couples, or even parents and their children

Guggenheim - use Valentines Day words as the keywords

The Poetry Game - write poems with a Valentines Day theme and enjoy the hilarious fun. No skill needed!

Pyramids - choose words with a Valentines Day theme (for example "LOVING")

More Games for 2 People to play on Valentines Day

Here is an assortment of games specifically suitable for two people.

Alquerque - A strategy board game to keep you engrossed for ages

Battleships - Battle it out with this popular pen and paper game for two

Fox and Geese - A fun printable board game

Gin Rummy - A card game for two

Leapfrog - Leap over each other with this printable board game for two

Madelinette - A simple, easy-to-make board game just for two

Reversi - A strategy board game for two

Shepherds and Wolf - An unusual board game for two

Sprouts - A pen and paper game for two

Twins - An easy pen and paper game

We hope you have enjoyed playing these Valentines Day games with your friends and loved ones. Our website has a large assortment of games for every occasion. We invite you to look around and come back again!

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