Family Dice Games

Photo of children playing dice games

Family dice games are lots of fun
with only a few dice and counters.
There are dice games for young children
and the whole family.

Family dice games can provide hours of fun with only a few dice and some counters. Dice games differ from board games (which also use dice) because board games only use the dice to move a counter around the board. However, the games listed below use the dice themselves as the focus of the game. By the way, one 'dice' is actually called a die - the plural of die is dice.

Did you know that the opposite sides of a die add up to seven? That is, the "one" is opposite the "six", the "two" is opposite the "five" and the "three" is opposite the "four". Dice can also be clockwise or counterclockwise. A clockwise die has the numbers 1, 2 and 3 in a clockwise direction, while a counterclockwise die has them in the opposite direction. It makes no difference to games whether the dice are clockwise or counterclockwise.

In fact, dice games are some of our family's favourite games. We love playing Pig. Dice games are so cheap and portable - even compared to card games. They are great for teaching younger children to count, and they won't even know it because they are having so much fun. We often feature a variety of dice games in our family game nights.

Even if you don't have any dice, you can make some using common household items. For example; you could draw spots on a sugar cube, scratch some lines on a pencil and roll it sideways, make a dice spinner with a six-sided piece of card with numbers around the sides and a pencil through the middle, or you could divide a sheet of paper into six equal numbered spaces and throw an object onto the paper.

Using just a few dice (most games use only one die or a pair of dice although some use up to five dice) it is possible to play many games, although some may need pen and paper or a set of counters for scoring. There are games for young children and the whole family.

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Family dice games suitable for young children include:

    Fifty - An easy game using two dice which is great for helping children learn to count

    Aces in the Pot - A fast and interesting game for two or more players

    Knock Out - Another easy game for young children using two dice

Games suitable for adults and older children include:

    Blackjack Dice - Just like Blackjack card game but with dice!

    General - A popular game in Puerto Rica, similar to Yacht

    Yacht - Hours of fun with five dice and some score sheets

Games suitable for all ages include:

    Drop Dead - Start with five dice and play until you 'drop dead'

    Pig - One of my family's favourite dice games!

    Hearts Dice - You can play with special HEARTS dice or use six standard dice

    Round the Clock - An easy game that helps children learn to count to twelve but fun for all the family

    Shut the Box - Popular in northern France, you can buy a game set or use two normal dice and draw your own board

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