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Family board games are fun and entertaining.
The rules can be complex or very simple,
depending on the game. Board games include
strategy games (e.g. chess)
or race games (e.g. snakes and ladders).

Family board games are fun and entertaining. The rules can be quite complex or can be very simple, depending on the game. Board games include strategy games, where you try to outwit your opposition (e.g. chess) or race games, where you try to beat other players around a course and get 'home' first (e.g. snakes and ladders).

While there are many excellent games you can buy commercially (such as Monopoly™, Scrabble™, Pictionary™ and Trivial Pursuit™), you can make many simple games at home or purchase them cheaply.

Here are some entertaining board games you can play together to while away those lazy Sunday afternoons or those wonderful holiday breaks. They are very easy to make yourself with just a minimal amount of equipment, such as cardboard and coloured pencils or felt tip pens. You will find diagrams for many games to help make it even easier for you. We have even included some simple board games for you to print at home and play.

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Race games are the easiest to play and are suitable for children and adults. Race games suitable for children include:

Adults and older children may enjoy some strategy games, like:

    Nine Holes - a simple board game that is very difficult to win against an experienced opponent

    Gobang - similar to Nine Holes, but with more counters and more squares

    Achi - a West African game similar to Nine Holes and Gobang

    Shepherds and Wolf - a different board game since each player has a different aim to win

    Madelinette - a game that can be played simply for fun or strategically to win

    Checkers (which is also known as Draughts) - a classic board game for players of all ages

    Alquerque - a Middle Eastern game that later developed into Draughts

    Reversi - over one hundred years old, and recently revived as Othello™

    Chess - rules for beginners, including a sample Chess game

Board Games which you can print (in colour or in black and white)
and play at home:

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