Family Party Games

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Everyone loves a family party games!
Whether it's a birthday party for
a two year old or the celebration of
a 50th wedding anniversary,
parties are a great way to promote
family togetherness and fun.

Family reunions, Christmas gatherings, barbecues, birthdays, graduations and even get-togethers for no particular reason are all wonderful excuses to play some games. And they're not just for families!

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Family Games Ebooks

Click on the links below to choose from a treasurehouse of family-friendly party games.

Party Games for Young Children are excellent for birthday parties and other gatherings of pre-school aged children.

    Fish Flap - an easy party game for young children to enjoy at birthdays and other events.
    Blow Ball - a children's party game where two or more players compete against each other. It is not as easy to win as it sounds.
    Tissue Squares - a relay game for two or more teams that is fun and easy to play.
    Cotton Balls - a simple children's party game with one player competing at a time using cotton make-up/cosmetic balls.
    Pass the Parcel - an old party favourite. Delight the children at your party with these entertaining variations of a classic game.

Older Children will enjoy these party games which are tailored to their age group.

Young Adults (also known as teenagers!) have their own set of games.

Outdoor Party Games are wonderful active party games for warm, sunny days, although children seem to enjoy playing outside no matter what the weather is like! For more ideas, see also Family Outdoor Games.

Musical Games can really bring life to a dull party. Just about everyone loves music and the opportunity to play games to music is almost irresistible.

You may also like to try Family Parlor Games for some more party game ideas.

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