Family Pen and Paper Games

Picture of family pen and paper games

Family Pen and Paper Games are
similar to parlor games
except that they only involve
the use of pen and paper.

Many are suitable for all ages while others involve complex strategies which suit adults and older children. Some games are for only two players while others can have large groups playing.

Even though the rules may be fairly simple, these games can provide hours of fun. You may like to print out a few different games and keep them in a folder with some blank sheets of paper for the next time there is a breakdown in the electricity supply and you are sitting in the dark wondering what to do!

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Games suitable for all ages include:

    Boxes - Simple rules but good strategy is needed to win the game

    Dotty Drawings - Rembrandt watch out as budding artists try their skills

    Twins - Join the number pairs but don't cross any lines!

    Worm - Two players take turns to draw a line until one player cannot move

    Sprouts - Will you be the last player to join the dots according to the rules?

Games which are a little more complicated and would be good for adults and older children include:

    Battleships - An old favourite game that relies on strategy and luck

    Hangman - A popular spelling game for everyone

    Acrostics - A word building game that rewards those with good spelling and vocabulary skills

    Boxwords - Fill in the boxes with random letters to score the most words

    Fractionary - Lots of fun for everyone as you try to guess the real meaning of obscure words

    Telegrams - Write a telegram-style message based on a keyword

    Small Stories - A quick game based on big sentences of little words

    Pyramids - Generate pyramids of words based on a keyword

    The Poetry Game - Roll over Shakespeare! Watch out for these fun 'poems'

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