Fun Games For Travel
in the Car

Long Road

A road trip can get pretty boring for kids,
especially if you've been driving for hours.
Try these games for travel to help pass
the time and keep bored minds occupied.

If you've ever been on a long car trip with young children, you'll be very familiar with the question,"Are we there yet?" or one of its many variations! Traveling in a car can be pretty boring for kids especially if you've been driving on the road for what seems like hours. These games for travel will help pass the time and keep bored minds occupied.

Most of these kids travel games are observation and word games which require no preparation, although Travel Scavenger Hunt does take a bit of work to set up before the trip. You may like to mix up the games so they don't get too boring. Play one road trip game for a while and then move on to another one.

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Some traveling games are suitable for younger children. They usually involve observation and thinking skills rather than spelling skills so they are particularly suited to children who cannot spell yet, although they are enjoyable for people of all ages.

Adults and children who can spell (or at least recognise the first sound of a word) may enjoy these journey games:

You may also like to try Word Games for some more car trip games, especially for older children and adults.

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