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My name is Andrew and, together with my family, we are Family Games Treasurehouse. My background is in high-school science teaching but my heart is with my family.

My wife and I have seven children, aged from 6 to 18 (as at Feb 2009) - five boys and two younger girls.

Family Outdoor Games

As an Australian family, you'll have to excuse our spelling. Although we have used "Parlor" to describe some of our games (because our American cousins don't know how to spell Parlour), we still spell "colour" and other words the way we are familiar with.

You may also find our descriptions of games a little different to the way you remember them. We try to research the many variations of games as they are played in different countries and choose the most popular. Variations are often listed at the end of the description. We apologise if we didn't find them all.

Family Board Games

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Family Dominoes Games

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