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Spring, eggs, chocolate, crosses, baskets, new clothes, buns! These are all wonderful symbols of Easter rich in profound and magnificent meaning. One thing that they all point to is newness of life - the very essence of the Easter message.

Easter is a very important time of the year where we remember the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ around 2000 years ago. Christ came to bring new and eternal life to everyone who believes in Him.

There are many ways of celebrating and remembering this extraordinary event. Some people like to include traditional Easter games and customs in their celebrations. Whatever way you choose we hope that you will include some fun and creative games as well. You can incorporate the symbols of Easter into games to help your children understand their meaning and how they all point to new life.

Maybe you and your family spend Easter each year with friends or relatives. This is a perfect opportunity to have fun together playing outdoor or indoor games.

Take plenty of time before the holiday begins to plan the activities you will do together. This includes planning the types of games you will all want to play.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • How much space will you have? Will there be plenty of room for active, outdoor games?
  • Choose games suitable for the age ranges present. Will there be lots of children? Teens? Adults?
  • Do you like word games, puzzles or trivia?

If you plan well in advance then the time spent with your family will be fun and memorable for everyone.

Easter Games for Kids

Here at Family Games Treasurehouse we love celebrating Easter. You will find an amazing range of free, fun, exciting, and entertaining games for Easter. We have heaps of games for the kids as well as for the whole family - cousins, uncles, aunts, even the grandparents.

You will find party games, trivia, wordsearches, printable games, coloring sheets and of course, plenty of Easter egg hunts. Just keep scrolling down the page for a list of them all.

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Easter Egg Hunts

All of our Easter Games for Kids are free for you to download and print. Just click on the game of your choice and you will be taken to a page with full instructions on how to play the game. Some games are specially chosen Easter variations of other games. Click on the links and then search for the Easter variation after the description of the game rules.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - creative and lively ideas for a fun Easter Egg hunt

(More) Easter Egg Hunt Games

Easter Egg Hunt Clues - a list of inspiring clues and codes for your Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Games for Children - fun and lively games, especially for young children

Easter Egg Games - fantastic games to play with Easter Eggs!

Free Easter Games - a great range of brilliant games suitable for the whole family

(More) Free Easter Party Games - more terrific games for young and old to play

Easter Printables - plenty of pen and paper games and quizzes

Easter Coloring Pages - adorable pictures of cute baby animals, Easter eggs and all things Easter

More Free Easter Coloring Pages - eggs, bunnies, baskets and more delightful coloring pages for the children

We trust you have enjoyed these Easter Games for Kids. Feel free to browse the rest of our site for many other games for the whole family.

Share YOUR Game

While we have included many games that our family loves, you may have other games that you and your family think should be on the Family Games Treasurehouse website. Whatever your favourite, click on the link for your chance to Share YOUR Game with the world for free!

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