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As a cheap source of family
entertainment and fun,
free card games are very hard to beat.
There are so many different games
for players of all ages,
you're sure to find
something for everyone!

If you would like your family to spend more quality time together, a regular family games night is one way to achieve this goal. The whole family can enjoy playing games while they also build their relationships and love for each other.

A cool winter's day or a lazy summer day are other excuses for getting out a deck of cards and trying a new card game or two. Vacations and camping, a family reunion or a quiet party with a few friends can also benefit from a few free card games.

Although many commercial games are fairly expensive, a pack of cards fills the hole nicely. There are so many free card games that you could play a different game every week for a year, with nothing more than a standard deck of cards.

Card Game Rules

You will find card game rules for a variety of games below. There are games for one player, along with games for two or more players, including some games that are suitable for large groups. There are kids card games for younger players and rules for advanced card games suited to adults and older children to play together, although younger children may still be able to join in with a little supervision or modification of the rules.

The instructions for each free card game includes a suitable age range, number of players and the aim of the game, along with an estimate of the time for one game. Of course, you can play each game more than once, or you could choose a different game as part of your games night.

The card game rules also include variations to the game. Some of them are minor variations that make the game a little more interesting, while others are major variations and have separate rules.

Why not try some of your old favourites from your childhood? There are several new card games and others that may not be familiar to you (yet). Give them a go and you may discover some new favourite card games.

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Card Game Instructions

Click on the highlighted game of your choice below and you will be taken to a page with full card game instructions on how to play each free card game.

If you are confused about any card game terms, see the Glossary. The Glossary will open in a new window so you don't need to leave the instructions for your game.

Kids Card Games are suitable for younger children since they don't need a lot of strategy or thinking skills.

    Snap - a simple kids card game where children must recognise numbers
    Go Fish - is also known as Fish. Children must collect sets of four cards of the same type
    My Ship Sails - Children need only to recognise the four suits to win this game
    Old Maid - a slightly harder childrens card game where they must make matching pairs
    Pig - another slightly harder game where players must collect a set of four cards
    War - a simple and enjoyable game for children of all ages

Advanced Card Games are great for adults and older children who can think and plan. Some may also be suitable for younger children with help and supervision.

    Rummy - an old card game where the first player to put down all their cards by making runs or sets wins. For 2 to 6 players
    Gin Rummy - a slightly harder version of Rummy for 2 players
    Euchre - normally for four players in two partnerships, Euchre was the national game of the USA in the early 1900's
    Five Hundred - a three player game with variations for 2 to 4 players, based on Euchre
    Up the Creek Without a Paddle - invented about thirty years ago as an alternative to Euchre and Five Hundred
    Jontim - a simple game for 2 to 6 players where players try to make a set of four
    Crazy Eights - a simple game for the whole family, similar to Uno™ but with a standard deck of cards
    Switch - an easy card game for two or more players, similar to Crazy Eights
    Hearts - familiar to many computer users, the aim is to avoid winning any points. For 3 to 7 players
    Black Bess, Black Maria and Black Lady - three variations of Hearts
    Hockey Card Game - based loosely on the game of hockey, where players break away before scoring a goal.
    Authors - an easy game for 4 to 6 players of all ages with the aim of building sets of four cards, called books.

These free Card Games for One Player are excellent for a quiet time alone.

    Klondike - the classic solo game (also known as Patience or Solitaire)
    Clock Patience - a one-player game that depends more on chance than skill
    Accordion - one of the hardest patience card games to win, which makes it even sweeter when you are victorious.
    Golf Card Game - a simple solitaire game that requires some planning skills. It can also be played as a multi-player game.
    Tower of Hanoi - is a one-player strategy card game. It is always possible to solve the game using logic and thinking skills.
    Pyramid Card Game - relies more on luck than skill, but your choice of cards to remove can determine whether you are successful.

We hope you enjoy playing these free card games with your family and friends. On this website we have hundreds of other free games for you and your family to play together throughout the whole year. Why don't you stay awhile and have a look around?

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