Family Outdoor Games

My family is fortunate to live in Australia where there are lots of warm, sunny days and wide open spaces. There are so many outdoor games for us the play!

No matter where you live, outdoor games are a great way of building family togetherness while enjoying some healthy exercise.

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Family reunions, birthday parties, picnics, holidays or a day at the beach are all wonderful excuses to enjoy some well known games or to try some new ones. Click on the links below to choose from our treasurehouse of family outdoor games.

Ball Games are a great way for all the family to get some active exercise while enjoying the outdoors. Some are suitable for the backyard while others may need more space, such as a field.

    Sevenses - can be played by one or more players. It needs a tennis ball or rubber ball and a brick wall.

    Dodge Ball - suits three or more players. It needs a soft ball (about the size of a soccer ball; a volleyball is ideal, although you could use a tennis ball, or similar, if you don't have a bigger ball) and an area which doesn't matter if the ball is thrown fairly hard.

    Newcombe Ball - is a ball game for 6 or more players and two helpers. It needs a piece of rope about 6 metres (20 feet) long and a volleyball (although a soccer ball, or similar, could be used).

    Ball Trap - needs one tennis ball (or similar) for each group of 6-8 players.

    Astride Ball - is suitable for 6 or more players. It needs a basketball, soccer ball or volleyball, although you may be able to use a tennis ball with older children.

There are many Beach Games which can be enjoyed on a sandy beach without much equipment. There are also some water games that can be played in a swimming pool or other still body of water (dam, river etc).

Try some Chasing Games, where one player chases the other players and tries to catch them. There are variations on the simple game of Tag, as well as Crossing the River and Catch my Tail.

Seeking Games are also known as hide and seek or hunting games. The aim is to find one or more objects that are hidden. A large outdoor space with lots of hiding places is ideal for these games.

Team Games are so much fun at picnics, family reunions and other get togethers. They can involve players of all ages, from young children to grandparents. Just try to make sure the teams are fairly even! Games include Balloon Volleyball, Rounders, Square Chasing, Tunnel Ball, Tug of War and lots of Relay Races.

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While we have included many games that our family loves, you may have other games that you and your family think should be on the Family Games Treasurehouse website. Whatever your favourite, click on the link for your chance to Share YOUR Game with the world for free!

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