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As you may have noticed, our family loves games. They help bring our family closer as we enjoy quality time together. This is your opportunity to share YOUR game with the world, or look at other family's favourite games.

While we have included hundreds of games that we love, you may have other family games that you and your family think should be on the Family Games Treasurehouse website. Maybe you have a card game or a parlor game that you play every spare moment. You may have a local game from your home country that you want to share with the rest of the world, or a travelling game that you use whenever you go on a trip. Whatever your favourite, this is your chance to share YOUR game with everyone for free. Just follow these simple guidelines:

1. Please make sure we don't have your game on our website already. Use the INDEX or SEARCH BOX to look for your game. There is always the possibility that it may be on our site under a different name, so search for it under the categories on the left as well.

2. Ensure that your game is suitable for families. We will not accept games that we deem to be unsuitable for any reason. Look at the type of games we already have on our site if you are uncertain about the suitability.

3. We will not knowingly accept rules or advertisements for commercial games. Any such games will be removed. If you would like to advertise your own commercial game that you have published, CONTACT us for our advertising rates which are very reasonably priced. If you want to review a favourite commercial game, please submit it to our GAME REVIEWS section.

4. Please check your spelling and grammar before you share YOUR game. Type the rules using a word processor and use the spelling and/or grammar check. We will not accept games that are poorly written or unclear, or in any language other than English.

When you are ready to add YOUR game to our website, click on the most suitable link below to be taken to that page where you can enter your game and check out everyone else's favourite family games.

Please note that any submissions to this site may be edited for clarity or to fix errors in spelling or grammar, including the title. We also reserve the right to reject or modify submissions that do not adhere to our guidelines.

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