Family Word Games

Photo of family playing word games

Family Word Games are excellent for
family reunions, Valentines Day parties,
birthday parties and long road trips.
The rules may be quite simple,
yet these fascinating games can provide
hours of fun.

What could be easier? A group of people, family or friends, sitting around and having fun, with no preparation or expense!

Word games are great for family reunions, birthday parties, long car trips and any gathering of a few people who want to enjoy each other's company, have fun and not spend too much money. Even though the rules may be fairly simple, these games can provide hours of entertainment.

While most word games are suitable for adults and older children who can spell and/or have a fairly good knowledge of words, there are others which can involve everyone including younger children. Some games suit a handful of players while almost all of them can have large groups playing. Some of these word games may be very familiar while others may be new to you. Even better though, while you are having fun you will also be building your word and language skills.

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Family word games which are suitable for all ages (possibly with extra help or hints for younger children) include:

Family word games which are require some spelling skills and would be good for adults and older children include:

    Coffee Pot - How long before you work out the 'coffee pot'?

    Consonant Challenge - A quick and easy challenge that only takes a few minutes

    Sentences - Make up a sentence based on a keyword? What could be easier!

    Snip - Can you beat the time to find three words that match the keyword?

    What's My Name - How soon can you identify the mystery person?

    Word Chains - Match the sound of the last syllable or you lose

    Great Panjandrum - Good spelling skills will help you win this game

    Mute Spelling - Learn the symbols for the vowels and then test your
    (mute) spelling skills

    Miju - Three to five teams or individuals can play this interesting game

    Pyramids - Start with one keyword to make pyramids of words

    The Poetry Game - Not much poetry but lots of fun!

    I Love My Love - It doesn't matter if it is true or not, as long as everyone has fun

    Taboo - Watch out for the forbidden word when you answer the leader

    I Packed My Bag - You'd better pack a good memory if you want to go on this vacation

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