Pass the Stocking

Pass the Stocking is an imaginative Christmas guessing game which will be popular with everyone.

Age: All ages

No. of Players: small group

Equipment: a large Christmas stocking filled with Christmas items (candle, star, Christmas card, bauble, other ornaments, holly, candy, etc.); paper and pen for every player; large red ribbon

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To try and guess what is in the stocking

1. Fill the Christmas stocking with the Christmas items and tie it with the ribbon. Hand out a pen and blank piece of paper to each player.

2. The players sit around in a circle and write their names on the pieces of paper.

3. The leader will pass the stocking to the first player who feels around the outside of it trying to guess what is inside. She then passes it on to the next player. Once she has passed it on she writes down everything she has guessed.

4. The next player does the same and passes the stocking on before writing down their guesses.

5. Continue until all players have felt the stocking and written down what they think the stocking contains.

6. Collect all the pieces of paper. Open up the Christmas stocking and reveal the items one at a time to the players.

7. Read out each of the players' guesses (there should be some hilarious laughter). The player who got the most number of items correct is the winner.

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