Pin the Nose on Santa

Pin the Nose on Santa turns a classic party game into a Christmas party winner.

Age: All ages (but especially for young children)

No. of Players: small group

Equipment: a large picture or drawing of Santa (without his nose); enough red noses (cut out circles of red paper) for each player; tape or pins to hold the noses on; a blindfold

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To pin the nose in the correct position on Santa's face

1. Draw Santa's face on a large sheet of cardboard (or cut out a picture and paste onto cardboard). Cut out circles of red cardboard (or colour them in) with a pin in one end to use as Santa's nose, or use a cotton ball and a pin. If you prefer, you can download a free, printable Santa face here.

2. Children take turns to be blindfolded and attempt to pin the nose in the right place on Santa without hints from other players.

3. The place where they pin the nose is marked, with the closest to the correct position winning the game.

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