Alaskan High Kick

Alaskan High Kick is a traditional game played by the Eskimo-Indians in Alaska. It was traditionally played to teach balance. The people needed to develop strength and endurance in order to survive the harsh climate.

Age: 12+

No. of players: 2 or more

Equipment: A target suspended above the floor

Time: A few minutes

Aim: To kick the target as high as possible.

1. To play this game, the player sits on the floor with one hand holding the opposite foot. For example, a player would hold their left foot with their right hand. The target is above the player.

2. The player places his free hand onto the floor and then jumps up and tries to kick the target as high as he can with his free foot, while still holding his other foot. In the example above, he would place his left hand on the ground and try to kick the target with his right foot.

3. If the player has successfully kicked to target he must then land in his original position.

4. The target can be raised or lowered to suit the skill of the player.

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