Contraband is a great game for a large group played by children in Portugal.

Age: 7+

No. of players: 20 or more

Equipment: Something small to use as a smuggled item (a small rock or a coin)

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To smuggle the prohibited item safely to its destination.

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1. Before the game is played mark out a large playing area. Choose a place near the boundary line where the prohibited item (the contraband) is to be eventually placed. In the centre of the area mark out a large rectangle.

2. Divide the players into two equal teams, the 'smugglers' and the 'police'. The smugglers choose among themselves someone to hold the item. This information must be kept a secret from the police.

3. The smugglers place themselves inside the rectangle around three sides, leaving one end open. The police are on the outside, on all four sides of the rectangle.

4. The smugglers must try and break through the police line without being tagged so they can get the item safely to its destination on the boundary line.

5. The winners are either the smugglers if they can successfully get the item to its destination or the police if they can prevent it from getting through.

Source: Adapted from Games Around the World 4H LAL 90

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