Blinzlis is a fun game played by children in Switzerland. Blinzlis (pronounced BLINTZ-liss) means 'batting the eyes'.

Age: 6+

No. of players: An odd number (21 players works well)

Equipment: Chairs for half the number of players.

Time: 5+ minutes

Aim: To stop your partner from getting to the middle.

1. Choose one player to stand in the middle.

2. The remaining players form 2 circles with the same number in each circle. One circle forms around the player in the middle and the second circle forms around the first circle. Players in the inner circle are seated on chairs while each player in the outer circle must stand directly behind their partner.

3. This game works well if there are girls in the inner circle and boys around the outer circle, but it doesn't really matter.

4. The player in the middle bats his eyes (winks) at a player in the inner circle. She must immediately leave her chair and try to join the player in the middle. However, her partner must not let her escape. He must watch the player in the middle carefully, ready to grab his partner by the shoulders to stop her getting to the centre.

5. If a player successfully escapes to the middle she sits back in her seat. Her partner and the player in the middle swap places and the game continues.

Source: Adapted from Games Around the World 4H LAL 90

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